What do you think of not having compulsory education laws?

What do you think of not having compulsory education laws?

I was meandering through Wikipedia and saw a link, Anti-School Activism. That made me go, "Whaaaa?!?!? That’s a thing?" And I looked into it.

Turns out there are some good reasons against schooling, as well as some not so good ones.

I’d like to know what people here think. What would the consequences of not imposing education on people be? What could alternatives be to public education? Would they work? Does it matter? Should we care if people are learned or not?

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  1. Deckard_Macready

    I think at a certain point (around 9th or 10th grade) people should have the option of switching from classic school to tradeskill schooling or apprenticeship style stuff.

  2. Mehue

    Like all things that aren’t governed by law (and most things that are), it would end up being governed by money. And what you would get is another stepping stone for the sons and daughters of the rich to get richer, and another stumbling block for the poor to fall over. So in terms of social equality and bridging the gap between the rich and poor, not having compulsory education would be a terrible thing.

    I’m not saying there aren’t problems with the current system. But like with most things, it would generally not be advisable to turn the clock back a few centuries.

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