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Resources & Activities

Resources & Activities

Here are some informative resources, challenging quizzes and creative activities that help you learn more and rate your knowledge about Brain Works and Coping Skills. To receive reply email help for answering questions click "Comments and ?'s" menu link to submit your request. You can also search for "answers" and learn more about specific topics and quiz questions by using the "Site Search" feature at the top of this page. This will help you find places in this website that explain words or terms you need help in understanding.

  Meet the Brain Team
  Brain Works for Kids Quizzes
  Activities & Projects for Home and School
  Activity: How the Brain Team Deals with Emotional Upsets
  Examples of How Our Brain Fools Us
  Other Websites with Brain Function Information

A Key Resource Book for Parents & Educators

A book by Coping Skills for Kids and Brain Works Project founder and director Ronald Brill.

  Learn more about the book Emotional Honesty & Self Acceptance