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Emotional Honesty & Self Acceptance

Emotional Honesty & Self Acceptance

A Key Resource Book for Parents & Educators
A personal message from the author on the need to teach coping skills to kids

“There is no excuse for failing to teach preventive, healthy coping strategies to prepare kids for their teenage years.”
-- Ronald R. Brill

In this innovative book, Ronald Brill, a former university professor and health educator, focused on the relationship between recognizing and dealing with emotional pain to avoid harmful behavior toward one’s self and others.  Since the book was published in 2000 he continues to research and develop creative elementary school programs to help students learn and practice brain-based coping skills to reduce the risky effects of carrying toxic emotional stress. 

This pioneering book contains guiding principles used in the innovative classroom-based program he introduced to over 700 4th to 6th grade elementary students from 2002 to 2008.  This website,, offers added resources to help schools, parents and counselors prepare children to use healthy and safe coping skills to get over emotional pain.  It is critical to learn this before their turbulent teenage years.  The ultimate goal of these programs:  To reduce harmful levels of stress that may lead to harming one’s self and/or others.  His commitment to brain-based coping skills learning is now shared by thousands of others around the world.  This coping skills website is a free, 24/7, on-demand “virtual classroom.”  There is no longer an excuse for not teaching preventive and healthy coping strategies to prepare kids for their teenage years.

This 300-page  book contains a clear rationale for utilizing early-age strategies to boost coping confidence that allows kids to get over inevitable, common emotionally painful and stressful experiences more easily.  It is written for mature teenagers and adults. This is also a powerful tool for advocating coping skills health education programs that can help youth become more responsible and self-accepting persons, despite the emotional challenges during adolescence. 

Introductory Chapter Titles:

  • Feelings Linked to Destructive Behavior
  • What We Don’t Know About Hurt Feelings Can Kill Us!
  • Seven Important Qualities of Feelings
  • The American Way of Denying Hurt Feelings
  • Our Vulnerable Sense of Self
  • The Danger of Hiding Hurt Feelings
  • Core Emotionally Wounding Experiences

Plus other chapters and resources for:

  • Parenting
  • Healthy adult relationships
  • Helping teens deal with hurt feelings
  • Coping and self-acceptance
  • Glossary of terms
  • Recommended reading

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