Kids and teens are losing their social skills and becoming increasingly autistic and sensitive

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Kids and young teenagers who are living in the age of social media and selfie culture are losing very basic communication and social skills and are underdeveloped mentally.

Social skills built by outdoor play and social groups without 24/7 constant overwatchers are being lost on this generation.

They no longer have the social tools to cope with even the slightest challenges and become depressed and anxiety riddled with other markers of declining mental health. They also having increased levels of narcissism and and much lower levels of empathy.

They believe that the source of depression and anxiety is only brain chemicals and they were dealt a poor Hand physiologically.

They also have a poorly developed self identity, including sexual identity and gender confusion, a huge part of the blame lies on their role models who are on social media ie Kardashians etc.

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  1. dragonakai

    I can agree with the lack of socialization, but increasingly autistic? tf?

  2. Deckard_Macready

    Actually went to a lecture where they talked these sort of things, but the conclusion that kids are getting less social because of it is based on fear of change, not rationality. Smartphones are a new way to socialize and here to stay, so because they don’t socialize in the way we are used to, does not make them less socially skilled.

  3. kate

    What these people don’t understand is we socialize more than past generations in reality.

    If I’m not actually in person talking to someone I can be at home playing games with them and talking to them. I probably have talked to my friends more in a few years, ones who live far away especially, than my grandparents have in their entire lives to people who don’t live close by.

    Just because it’s not in person does not mean it’s not socializing.

  4. jared

    To play devil’s advocate, you could argue that the older generation not knowing how to communicate through social media and modern devices is them not being able to follow “basic communication and social skills” of the modern age. If the majority of people are communicating in this way, wouldn’t that be the “normal” way? I mean, once upon a time, communicating through a home phone was probably seen as “not the normal way”. That said, I hear you on some of those issues! So many problems can be solved by practicing the “moderation is key” mantra, but humans being humans, we go so hard on absolutely everything without being mindful of what we’re actually doing.

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