What skills should I teach my children?

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So we are reaching a point where regular home schooling just isn’t working for anyone anymore, so I want to start focusing more on life skills with the children (2, 4, 7, 10).

So other than riding a bike, which we have been working on, what other skills could we work on that would be fun and useful for the children as they grow up?

EDIT: I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all of your responses. This has definitely given me some wonderful ideas to keep the children interested and put more of a focus on real life skills.

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  1. Vince

    Cooking – lots of websites have kid friendly recipes

    Gardening – especially good if you can get them to grow something they can eat

    Sewing – basic repairs like sewing on a button and repairing a seam, and taking up a hem, probably more for the older two

    Money management – again, probably more for the older two, could be combined with doing the food shop?

    Cleaning and laundry – sorting colours, hanging clothes out, hoovering, cleaning windows, dusting

    Map reading – get them to plan a route for a walk or bike ride

    Letter writing – kind of a dying art, but still useful, could maybe write to their MP and help teach political awareness too?

  2. Mehue

    Basic DIY! I’m now 29 and I’m only just learning how to do basic stuff like put up shelves and change the toilet seat. I really wish I had learned that stuff earlier.

  3. Dredka1001

    I hear you with the “home schooling just not working anymore” – we’ve tried a few things such as follows:

    *Stripping down an old PC, explaining what the core components are and what they do, getting them to help rebuild and run POST etc

    *Music lessons, choose 6-7 songs from varied styles/eras, play half the track then stop and discuss what instruments there are, work our timing and tempo, try to find a key if there is one and play a riff. Play rest of it then talk about if they like the song and how it makes them feel

    Lego club – choose a theme and build stuff with them – creativity, logic, problem solving and hand eye co-ordination lol!

    *Help with preparing seeds, clearing weeds and planting (if you have some growing space)

    *We’re doing bike lessons too for the youngest

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