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Meet Captain Neo
& Your Brain Team

How parts of your coping brain work together and what goes wrong when they don’t.

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Dealing with:
  • Loss

  • Rejection
  • Betrayal
  • Humiliation

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For Pre-Teens

Learn how your brain works and copes with challenges, plus skills to help you get over stress and upsets more easily.

For Parents & Educators

Parents and educators can use common coping problems to help pre-teens deal
effectively with them.

Brain Works Project

Kids and adults can learn how the Brain Works Project helps pre-teens by building coping ability.
  Using website information and activities at home and school

What We've Learned by Asking

How Are You Coping?

Scientists are learning more each year about how our brain reacts when we're stressed or upset. Now you can learn brain coping skills to bounce back more easily when you're down or angry. Canning Recipes

Read What Pre-Teens Say
Find out what 4th, 5th, & 6th graders have learned from the Brain Works Project.
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Get Started Learning About
Your Brain's Coping Functions

Lessons for learning how your brain rules the way you think, act and feel.
1 The Coping Brain

Learn why coping is
a vital brain function.
2 Coping Challenges

Learn about brain & behavior changes plus challenges during adolescence.

3 Coping Skills
& Tools

Learn how to deal with common coping challenges & get over your upsets.